What some of Rebecca's clients have said about her work.

V. Jay, MtF TS client, one-to-one sessions 2010-2011

"I have been so impressed with Rebecca's professionalism as a voice teacher and mentor. Lessons are thoroughly prepared and personalised to meet the specific needs of the individual. She has a warm and empathetic nature which quickly puts you at your ease. Progress is monitored carefully to build confidence and develop areas of weakness. Lessons are always enjoyable and infused with humour.

She continues to be a great source of inspiration and support to me through the often difficult process of gender transition."


Participant feedback from trans-voice workshop for the NHS Speech and Language Therapists' National Gender Dysphoria Special Interest Group, June 2009:

 "Rebecca's discussions helped to de-mystify things for me."

 "Amazing! Very inspiring lady, thank you very much."

"Fantastic cross-fertilization between professions. Rebecca was great."

"Really fantastic - so many practical exercises invaluable for using with clients."

"Excellent and lively day - will find useful when working with clients ... very powerful learning opportunity."

"Thank you for a great day."

Participant feedback from trans-voice workshop for the SF LGBT Center, November 2008:

"The exercises were very helpful… Rebecca is very concise, I felt the information is well presented."

"Great workshop."

"Thanks for making it a relaxed experience."

"Three hours flew by."

"Seminar was well scheduled, pacing was just right, handouts and exercises extremely helpful."

"Rebecca was terrific - I appreciate her patience and the time she invested."


Jay Stewart, Gendered Intelligence:

"As part of a educative drama project called Brief Encounters, Rebecca did a fantastic job working with our LGBTQ non-actors to develop their projection, diction and character voices as well as to increase their confidence on stage.  Rebecca is an incredibly knowledgeable, professional and effective voice coach, who is also sensitive to people's individual needs and particular feelings around their voices.  Her understanding, positive and friendly manner makes her invaluable when working with such young members from our community."


Vickey Storey, director, "Brief Encounters":

  "Rebecca's sessions were such a massive to help to our project and I thoroughly believe that the performance would not have reached as high a standard without her involvement."

Norma Bowles, Artistic Director, Fringe Benefits (Los Angeles):

"Rebecca Root is a brilliant and talented theatre artist and an absolutely lovely human being. She can effortlessly and expertly shift from improvising the part of a homophobic jerk, to offering sage dramaturgical advice about combatting homophobia, to empowering both professional actors and community members to meet the myriad vocal challenges of playing diverse LGBT and straight youth in a devised play about having the courage to be yourself."
  Business client, PricewaterhouseCoopers:
"I found the sessions really helpful to take me back to the basics of breathing, movement and making sounds. They gave me some simple things to do which I have applied everyday - particularly in business situations, but also just in other daily interactions. Rebecca was good at getting me to think about how these small - but fundamental - things can make a difference in my impact. But most of all she made it fun and - amazingly - energising at the end of a working day!"  
Norbert Hirschhorn M.D., poet: "Rebecca Root brings to her poetry a refined lyricism, a wistful note of loss in the midst of plenty. Reading her poems out loud one can 'hear' her own voice: mellifluous, from the deep, always engaged. It is as if she descends from a liaison between Ellen Terry and Thomas Hardy."
  Jacqueline Saphra, poet: "With Rebecca Root you will get two specific skill sets for the price of one. The vocal coach Rebecca will teach you to breathe, project and articulate, whilst the writer Rebecca will encourage you to be concise, expressive and honest in your presentation. With a background in both theatre and literature, she has the ability to challenge and support you in equal measures, helping you to be grounded, focused and self-confident. Highly recommended."

 Eva Griffith, actor and academic:"It was Rebecca's exercises and help that improved my voice."